Compile Panel System

Simple And Flexible Low Cost Solution

The Compile Panel System by Global is the affordable furniture solution that adapts to changes within your workplace and lets you easily expand and add more workstations as your business grows without sacrificing quality and style. 

Low Cost Installation

The Compile Panel System is one of the easiest panel systems to install and reconfigure. The aluminum raceway covers hinge upward and lock in place, or can be easily removed providing open access and better protection, for power and data in the base of the panel. Compile panels and universal corner posts ship with pre-assembled “Quick Connect”, which make installation a breeze. With its easy installation and reconfiguration, you save on installation costs. 

Clean Design

The Compile system is a panel system that offers a clean, modern appearance. The panels are available in monolithic or single segmented designs, and they come with aluminum raceway covers that can be ordered with or without knockouts. This system also features an innovative worksurface support and overhead storage mounting system that eliminates the need for slots in the panel frames, resulting in a softer visual appearance.

Smart Wire Management

Compile is excited to introduce their newly designed wire management scoop in the back of standard worksurfaces. This feature provides an effective management of power cords, cables, monitor arms and surface mounted power modules anywhere along the back edge. The standard 3/8″ space behind the worksurface offers flexibility and convenience, making it easy to keep your workspace organized and tidy.

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Compile - Simple and Flexible

Compile is a well priced panel system that offers a simple solution for small and medium size businesses that continue to grow. 

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Lets work together on your next project!

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