How will my furniture be shipped?

Under the description of each product it will say LTL or UPS/FedEx Ground shipping. 

What Does LTL Freight Mean

What does shipping via LTL Freight mean?

This is a very important question. It means that a 22′ to 53′ trailer truck is going to arrive at your location with your furniture. You are responsible to offload the furniture since the driver is NOT required to help you. 

LTL Freight to a business address

Depending on your location, it is important to ask yourself the following questions: 

  1. Do you have a loading dock? 
  2. If not, will the parking area be able to accommodate a 53′ trailer truck without disturbing the other businesses? 
  3. Do you require a liftgate to help with the offloading process? (Additional Charge)
  4. Do you have the manpower to safely offload the furniture? 
  5. Who is going to assemble the furniture? 

Some locations such as high-rise buildings, or locations in dense populated areas cannot accommodate or will not allow a 53′ trailer truck.

Does it sound like you didn't think this through?

Probably, most likely, definitely…

If your business does not have a warehouse with a crew that is dedicated to receive products from 53′ trailers and handy people that know how to put things together, you are going to have a very bad experience and your furniture will get damaged, an employee might get hurt, and your furniture might not be put together properly which could fall apart and someone might get hurt or your equipment will be damaged.

Our purpose is not just to sell you furniture and wave you good luck and goodbye. We want  to help you accomplish your goal. 

Certainly, this depends on what and how much you are ordering but here is our suggestion: Lets us help you find an installation company near you for free. Here is a concept, let professionals do professional work. We will help you find the nearest company that has a facility that can receive a 53′ trailer truck and has a crew that knows how to receive furniture products. They are trained to look out for damages and make necessary notes in the freight bill to successfully file a claim. This same company will schedule a delivery and installation date with you. We will provide them with a list and specifications of the items you ordered, and they will give you a quote. From that point you decide if you want to contract them which we highly suggest you do.

If you are in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Dallas TX, we already have a good relationship with installation companies. Other areas, we will do research.

LTL Freight to a home address

Most likely not happening. 53′ trailer trucks are not allowed in residential neighborhoods. Same suggestion as businesses, let us help you find an installation company near you for free. They will give you a quote to receive and deliver your furniture at a time that is convenient for you. 

All orders are checked manually to see if there will be any issues to deliver your order. 

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